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The idea of synthetic biology has already inspired dozens of writers, film makers and other artists. This idea may be reality soon. That is why Wageningen University & Research organises a Film & Art festival on 5 & 6 October 2017. This festival is part of SynCity: a month with buzz about synthetic biology in Wageningen.


Still from Arjan Brentjes' art video "Hybris", price winning in the 2014 Bio.fiction competition


Everyone who is interested in synthetic biology, art and design is welcome to immerse him/herself in the world of art, design and synthetic biology . The audience will be inspired by artists’ and designers’ perspectives on recent developments in the (re)design of biological systems. With art installations on display, wonderful and funny art videos, movies and documentaries, talks about Bioart, Science Fiction literature and Do-It-Yourself Biology and  festival impressions by draughtsmen. Visitors can leave their ideas and views on a Brainwave Wall.

A number of these ideas will be picked up by Studium Generale for further elaboration in two sesions in the weeks after the Festival.


Watch the TED talk by MIT's artist/technologist Ani Liu below to get a flavour.


More information about the festival is available at


LIS Consult is organising the festival on behalf of Wageningen University & Research.



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