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Synthetic biology
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30 January, 2018

By 2050, over 9 billion people need to be fed on this planet, while food production will take place under increasingly difficult conditions. Water, nutrients and energy are all becoming scarcer. Agricultural lands are becoming exhausted and are being lost due to erosion. Harvests are failing as a result of climate change. We have to produce sustainably if we want to guarantee healthy and safe food for everyone in the future.

This will require radical changes to the system or game changers: organisational, social and technological
transformations that focus on new basic principles for future solutions. Three Top Sectors for enterprise and innovation in the Netherlands, Agri & Food, Horticulture & Starting Materials, and High-Tech Systems & Materials, devised eight game changers, which together make up one global game changer.

  • transition from the current linear to circular agricultural production;
  • behavioural change, using new tools with which consumers can monitor and improve their own behaviour, physiology and health, simply and quickly;
  • transition to robust production ecosystems in agriculture and horticultere, based on diversity, biodiversity and resilience;
  • integrated and ecologically based methods for producing seafood and bio-based marine materials;
  • more robust and efficient photosynthesis – turbosynthesis –for climate-proof, high-yielding food crops;
  • sustainable protein consumption, alternative protein sources such as seaweed and insects, and optimal use of plant and animal by-products, and waste materials for food and feed;
  • strategies that make the food chain and food consumption more efficient, more effective, more robust and fairer;
  • high-tech and IT applications.

Read more about the game changers in this brochure.

For the turbo photosynthesis a Roadmap has been developed and a consortium has been formed that encompasses 49 research centres from 17 EU-Member States. In "Photosynthesis needs tuning - The solution lies under the plant’s bonnet" Rene Klein Lankhorst, programme leader for this game changer, explains the background.



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