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Synthetic biology
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Onderstaande nieuwsbrieven worden (mede) door LIS Consult verzorgd.

The SYNENERGENE project includes the production of 6 Synthetic Biology Newsletters:

In 2010 and 2011 two editions of the Synthetic Biology Newsletter were published. These editions were an initiative of LIS Consult and the Synthetic Biology Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and were financially supported by the Commission on Genetic Modification and the Rathenau Institute, both in the Netherlands.

PRICE (2011-2015) stands for PRactical Implementation of Coexistence in Europe. DIssemination and communication activities in this EU-FP7 research project includes the publication of a number of newsletters that inform a wider audience about the objectives and results of PRICE.

The aim of the EU-SOL project (2006-2011) was to develop high quality tomato and potato varieties with improved traits important for consumers, processors and producers. The project particularly focused on mapping, isolating and characterizing genes underlying important traits such as healthiness, nutritional value, taste, flavor, fragrance, shelf-life, starch composition, yield and plant architecture.

As part of dissemination and communication activities a number of newsletters was released.


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