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Synthetic biology
Adaptive Risk Assessment
GMO safety

G-TwYST is the acronym for Genetically modified plants Two Year Safety Testing. The project duration is from 21 April 2014 – 20 April 2018.


The Project
The long-term safety assessment of genetically modified (GM) food/feed is a long-standing controversial topic in the European Union. At the present time there are no standardized protocols to study the potential short-, medium- and/or long-term toxicity of GM plants and derived products. Against this backdrop the main objective of the G-TwYST project is to provide guidance on long-term animal feeding studies for GMO risk assessment while at the same time responding to uncertainties raised through the outcomes and reports from recent (long-term) rodent feeding studies with whole GM food/feed.


In order to achieve this, G-TwYST:

  • Performs rat feeding studies for up to two years with GM maize NK603 and MON810. This includes 90 day studies for subchronic toxicity, 1 year studies for chronic toxicity as well as 2 year studies for carcinogenicity. The studies will be based on OECD Test Guidelines and executed according to EFSA considerations
  • Reviews recent and ongoing research relevant to the scope of G-TwYST
  • Engages with related research projects such as GRACE and GMO90plus
  • Develops criteria to evaluate the scientific quality of long-term feeding studies
  • Develops recommendations on the added value of long-term feeding trials in the context of the GMO risk assessment process.
  • As a complementary activity - investigates into the broader societal issues linked to the controversy on animal studies in GMO risk assessment.
  • Allows for stakeholder engagement in all key steps of the project in an inclusive and responsive manner.
  • Provides for utmost transparency of what is done and by whom it is done.

Role of LIS Consult
LIS Consult is co-responsible for stakeholder engagement, communication and dissemination activities as well as mapping normative issues.


A stakeholder engagement and communication strategy, stakeholder workshops, including preparatory document, reports and response documents, a scientific publication, website, LinkedIn Group and several dissemination activities.


More detailed information is available at the G-TwYST website:


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