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The project

PRICE (2011-2015) stands for PRactical Implementation of Coexistence in Europe. Dissemination and communication activities in this EU-FP7 research project includes the publication of a number of newsletters that inform a wider audience about the objectives and results of PRICE.

The principle of coexistence is the basis for freedom of choice between genetically modified (GM) and non-GM products, which is a central goal of the European agricultural policy. Coexistence refers to the conditions under which GM and non-GM agricultural products can be grown in the same territory, transported and marketed side by side, preserving their identity in accordance with the relevant labeling rules and purity standards. These conditions are established by the EU member states and foresee approval procedures, minimum distances between fields with and without GM and segregations measures at transport and storage. So far, little is known about the possible consequences of coexistence strategies in practice. PRICE is therefore researching how implementable and cost-intensive they are for farmers, agro-food supply chain operators and consumers.


The role of LIS Consult

LIS Consult is reponsible for engaging end-users and stakeholders in coexistence in the research of PRICE. The means of communication are:

  • A project website:,
  • Newsletters,
  • Film portraits of coexistence stakeholders,
  • Stakeholder Dialogue Workshops & European Workshop.






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