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4th edition of SYNENERGENE Newsletter...

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Hier vindt u een selectie van actueel nieuws over life sciences

Internet users have a variety of format options in which to store their movies, and biologists have now joined the party. Researchers have used the microbial immune system CRISPR–Cas to encode a movie into the genome of the bacterium Escherichia coli.


Synthetic Genomics teamed up with ExxonMobil to create an oil-rich algae strain in their efforts to create an algae-based biofuel, according to a report in Nature Biotechnology. The biotech strain of Nannochloropsis gaditana has a lipid level of up to 55%, compared with the usual 20%.


Scientists have identified a new genetic sequence of corn that shows its flexibility and ability to grow in new places despite the changing climate, as well as increase its environmental sustainability and productivity anywhere in the world.


Source: Genetic Literacy Project, 19 June 2017.

US antitrust regulators have approved DuPont and Dow Chemical's proposed $130 billion merger as long as they divest certain assets, including some crop-protection products. Dow has also agreed to sell its acid copolymers and ionomers unit.


Source: Reuters, 15 June 2017.

The National Agriculture and Food Research Organization of Japan has started growing high-yielding biotech rice as part of a strategy to increase agricultural exports. Gene editing was used to change the plants' hormonal balance, increasing the number of husks and the size of the grains.


Source: The Mainichi, 15 June 2017.


China's Ministry of Agriculture has approved importation of Dow AgroSciences' Enlist herbicide-resistant corn, while six products are still awaiting approval.


Source: Agri-Pulse (restricted content), 14 June 2017.

In an effort to reduce methane gas emissions from cattle, researchers in Canada, the UK, the US and other countries are collaborating on an effort to better understand and ultimately modify cattle genetics. The Genome Canada project sequences the genomes of low-methane-producing cattle with the goal of dispersing those genes throughout the global cattle population.


Source: Wired Online, 9 June 2017.

Bas Eickhout, a Dutch member of the European Parliament, is urging Belgium to invest in algae and waste-based biofuel to phase out support for crop-based biofuel. Eickhout proposed a renewable energy target of 45% for 2030, aiming for fuels that are environmentally sustainable and provide sufficient reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.


Source: Biofuels Digest, 8 June 2017.

CTC Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira SA received authorization for commercial use of its insect-resistant biotech sugarcane in Brazil. The sugarcane contains the Bacillus thuringiensis gene and is resistant to the cane borer, a common pest in the country.


Source: Reuters, 8 June 2017.

Biotech crops add tens of billions of dollars to the worldwide agricultural industry and help reduce greenhouse emissions, according to a recently released study from PG Economics.


Source: Innovators Magazine, 8 June 2017.

The South African government's Crop Estimates Committee anticipates approximately 16.2 million tons of biotech maize will be harvested in the country this year, an 89% increase from about 8.6 million tons harvested in 2016. The record harvest is the result of good rains.


Source: Reuters, 23 May 2017.


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